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SMS Appointment Reminder for Dentists, Doctors, & Salons

Text Messaging Reminder System Is Cost-Effective & Efficient


The Text Reminder System (zTRS) is a two-way instant text messaging workstation designed to help your customer service representatives communicate easily and effectively with your patients, customers, or guests. Text messaging is increasingly used by busy people to help them communicate on the go when they are in meetings, on phone calls, or at other times when a phone conversation may not be appropriate.

Because there is no text spam, people actually read every text message they receive. Your business can benefit by using a computer to communicate to cell phones via text message. That’s right – with zTRS you can send messages right from your desktop and receive them back the same way while your customers see them on their cell phones.

The Text Reminder System Allows You To:
  • Communicate directly with cell phones from your computer
  • Conduct multiple one-on-one conversations at the same time
  • Maintain a complete messaging log of all conversations
  • Build and keep a database of contacts
zTRS Is Used By:
  • Doctors & Healthcare Professionals
  • Car Dealersihps & Service Departments
  • Hotels & Concierges
  • Customer Service Centers
  • Reservation Services
Easy To Use And Secure:
  • Create multiple message templates and use them over and over
  • Secure, web-based application
  • Many people in your organization can use it at the same time
  • The manager dashboard provides monitoring and reporting
Why Use zTRS?
  • Personalized mobile coupons
  • Reach people easily and in real time
  • People read and respond to text messages
  • Digital record of all conversations
  • Immediate customer response

zTRS - Text Reminder Systemscreen1zing

You are viewing a screenshot of iVisionMobile's zTRS Text Reminder System. The zTRS system allows users to create appointment and schedule single or multiple appointment reminders using pre-defined template messages.




Create Template Messages

Template messages allow for the easy creation and deployment of appointment reminders. zTRS allows users to create multiple template messages that can be used over and over again. Each template message can be customized to include contact data.



Appointment Calendar & Schedule

The zTRS Text Reminder System provides a built-in appointment calendar and scheduling system. When scheduling an appointment, search for an existing contact or create a new one, select the appointment date/time, choose who the appointment is with, and select the reminder message template to be used for the reminders. 



Manage Inbox Folders & Messages

The zTRS Inbox lets users view and respond to incoming messsages as they are received in real time. The inbox features an automated refresh, search filtering capabilities, and folder management. Create multiple inbox folders and manage your received messages by moving them into the appropriate folder. 



Contact Management

A built in contact management system lets users of zTRS manage existing contacts or add new ones. Type letters or numbers into the search box which then displays all relevant search results. Once the search results are displayed, users can view messaging history, manually opt the contact into a mobile campaign, or send a reminder message to the contact. 



Reminder Templates

The zTRS Text Reminder System allows users to create multiple reminder templates for scheduling multiple appointment reminders leading up to an appointment date. The screenshot provided shows how messages can be scheduled at pre-determined intervals, for example, a month before, a week before, and a day before a scheduled appointment. 



Email Notifications

Email notifications can be added to any zTRS workstation. Add up to 5 different email addresses which will receive a notification every time a text message is received by the zTRS system. 


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